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Fight Goes On, But Candidly, Is Finished

Column, entitled 'Candidly,' written by student, Chuck Graham '62, appearing in Furman's student newspaper, The Paladin, dated May 19, 1962. Graham is ending his column as he is graduating soon, but writes that the struggle for power over Furman, which 'straddles the two worlds of a narrow, denominational school and a leading educational institution,' will continue to be fought.

Fight Goes On; But Candidly Is Finished -- By CHUCK GRAHAM -- It is finished. At least for this column there will be no more crusades, no more words to stand bare-faced and alone against some mysterious policv of the administration, and no more foolish dreams of a progressive, liberal university. This columnist is leaving, which will undoubtedly be a balm to those who think the world can be closed in (or out) by a metal fence, but those goals which are worthwhile are remaining, and they still retain their worthiness. The battle, however, is just beginning, and the struggle for power over this university, which now straddles the two worlds of a narrow, denomenational school and a leading educational institution, will be bitterly fought. The fraternity issue is only a sample of what will come, for these two diametrically opposed purposes cannot be combined and still enjoy the success which both factions seem determined to achieve. "To Strive, To Seek, To Find And Not To Yield", nice words but completely meaningless without positive action; action which, by the very nature of this campus, will arouse antagonism, but which, because it is the truth, has an undeniable right to seen and heard. The future holds conflict enough, writers for The Paladin will not find it easy to maintain their motto between these two clashing forces, even so, it is hoped that they will. As for this column, it is finished.